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    Work Area

    About us

    The headquarters of Risui is located in Tokyo, Japan. International trade and international shipping are our main businesses. Branches of Risui are all over Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Bangladesh Egypt and other regions.
    Tianjin Kangqian international trading Co. Ltd.  is a branch company of Risui , located in  Tianjin economic and technological development zone, China.

    We focus on aristocratic enterprise culture and put forward   thought of Three Nobility:Spiritual nobility, material nobility, and battlefield nobility. First,  we are spiritual nobility because we are a typical business company with profound cultural deposits. Second, we are material nobility because Risui offer staff with competitive salary and welfare. Third, we are battlefield nobility because we  not only take ascendant position in  Japanese market but also get the support from branches and basements worldwide. Besides, The proverb that The person who dare to attempt the impossible is a hero and could be appointed as a commander is the core of enterprise culture , and  staff in Risui should be talents with  faith, ideal, pursuing, knowledge , morality and ability.    

    Risui is in a critical period of development and transformation  nowadays, tending to be younger,  more knowledgeable, specialized and formalized . We’ve owned trade department, shipping department, port business department, finance department and human resource department. In daily work, staff in Risui should be loyal, highly capable, obedient, credible and frugal, and be aware of state  affairs is most important and must win.

    Risui is a typical Japanese trading company with an ambition to  fight for our market worldwide. We’ve  been trading bulk commodity  among 3 countries since 1994. Thanks to the accumulating brilliant achievement  for 20 years, we have created the Risui Brand successfully, which means a good reputation for honesty and abiding by the contract. At the same time, we have shaped a  global trade network with Japan as the radiation center ,and established a long- term partnership with Japanese large well - known steel enterprises, such as : NIPPON STEEL,JFE, Sumitomo Metal
    Industries, Mitsui and so on.

    Till now, in terms of  resource possession ,  based on  rich shipping experience, Risui is supported by branches and long-term partners around the world. In terms of internal organization, we have owned headquarters in Japan, branches in Tianjin and Hong Kong, representative offices in Egypt, Bangladesh and Indonesia,  and we shall establish branches in American, Australia, and Mediterranean in the future. We firmly believe that the extensive sky is blue, the vast ocean is deep, and the prospect of Risui is golden!